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My Weird Stalker Obsesses

I’ve left some person in my wake who still has a reason to hate me. They are fairly smart – smart enough to mask their IP address and smart enough to know that the way to hurt a woman is to call her fat or old. This person calls me both on a regular basis. Well, maybe not regular but usually when I’ve posted something having to do with sex or men. Not saying I’m not fat, old, or both. But it strikes me as funny that whomever this person is he (if it isn’t a He it’s a girlfriend or a wife of a He) can’t seem to let go. He keeps coming back and following me around the web. So, you know, not to be a psychotic’s stresser or anything, but don’t you think it’s time you moved on, pal? I can assure you that whatever happened between us probably left me feeling a lot worse than it left you so can’t we just call it even? You go your way and I’ll go mine? Unless it isn’t an ex at all; unless it’s some other weird type of internet stalker — a person I’ve never even met.

If you want to be a blogger, if you want to “live in public,” you have to be aware that this kind of stuff can happen and the only thing you can do is rise above. Whomever they are sadness, bitterness, loneliness lurks there. That kind of shallow is rare in we humans but it does exist. I get to live my life, which I’m liking more and more lately, and they get to lives theirs, which I’m sure isn’t a pretty picture.


I have two nieces. One of them has been wanting a little dog for years and years. Her mom and dad have three other very big dogs, like German Shepherd big. Finally, my niece wore her mom down and they zeroed in on this little rescue dog named Leaf. She is tiny but mighty. She runs faster than you’d imagine a little dog could.

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My Mel Gibson Encounter

There I was, a quick run down to Whole Foods to buy some stuff – you know, hadn’t showered and all of that. It was the small Whole Foods in Valley Village (or Sherman Oaks or whatever you want to call it). Tiny store. So small you can’t really walk past people without rubbing or bumping. It is awkward. I have seen many a celeb in there before but no one with the kind of star power of Mel Gibson. Nevertheless, there was that familiar voice. And I turn around and there is Mr. Gibson. He is chattering on his cell phone and acting fairly “normal,” if it’s possible to act normal and be a celebrity.

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Jim Carrey Goes BOING

Okay so sometimes non-internet people wander into the online realm and I think they aren’t quite sure how to filter properly. Famous people especially. Maybe they are already in too big of a bubble that they are already so out of touch they can’t fathom what it is we people actually do in the real world. And then there is the internet. And then there is Twitter. Twitter is bizarre. It’s like trying to cross, or stand in the middle of, a freeway. It moves fast and people all over the world are connecting to each other with 140 character tweets. And so it happened one day Jim Carrey started saying BOING. Over and over and over. The thing is, he was just being playful. Dipping a toe into the world of the humans. But on Twitter, where you are better off having a reason to tweet than to tweet just for the hell of it, it doesn’t really come off that well.

Put it this way: even David Lynch and Yoko Ono have meaning to their tweets. Jim Carrey trended BOING. And then today he got pissed that people were wondering whether or not he’d lost his sanity. And so you have Jim Carrey’s angry tweets (my advice to Jim – either have a reason to use Twitter or stop using it). Reading backwards from newer to earlier – we can do that now. We can read things backwards! But if it freaks you out, feel free to read upwards.

JimCarrey that some1 might create something with lasting impact in this world, something u cannot find the faith or the courage to dream of…cont–>

JimCarrey I’m so sane in fact,that I have managed to transcend the pettiness of your kind my whole life! U suppressive types who r so afraid…cont–>

JimCarrey The truth is I’m an intuitive,creative,and spiritual person.I’m healthier,smarter,and YES much more sane than u who say I’m crazy.cont–>

JimCarrey #BOING WORLD! I’m so grateful 2 u who bounce the big blue ball with me but I’ve had it with u who need 2 chalk me up as crazy. cont.–>

JimCarrey Some say I’m weird on twitter.But it’s all just art to me.Freedom of expression.If my #BOING offends u, feel free to unfollow me. S’okay ;^)

JimCarrey @Jeremylg007 Things have never been better Jeremy. Really! I am my fully creative and authentic self. Happiest I’ve ever been! #BOING ;^)

JimCarrey @gladman Tell ya what. I’m going to do whatever I feel compelled to do here and your free to leave! Sound fair? Glad to help! #BOING {B^P





I feel badly for Jim Carrey only because I just don’t think he is aware of how the net works overall – meaning, everyone has a mask on and everyone filters – they have their identity and then they have their internet identity. And he could hurt himself this way.

But Jim Carrey has a lot of fans. His fans far outweigh those who are freaked out by the boinging going on. Read onward to hear what his many fans had to say.

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We Sort of Live in Public

The doc We Live in Public, which never really had a shot at Oscar this past year, is currently on my cable company’s On-Demand and I don’t mind saying that it freaked me out more than just a little, and for a variety of reasons. I thought the film was going to be about how public and scary our lives are now, what with Facebook and Twitter and video chat or chat roulette (what is worse than chat roulette, though?). But it isn’t really so much about our lives now — except as an artist’s prophecy. In a way, we do live in public. Where the prophecy goes slightly wrong is that we don’t really live our actual selves online: we are inclined to live as avatars, or our fake selves. I think. I never believe that the blogs I’m reading are the real lives of those people. They show a segment of their ideal selves – even when their ideal selves are failures at life — that is still entertaining. And of course it doesn’t tell the whole picture. How could it.

We are more than our language, which is really what the internet about. Our languge. Our lives are so much bigger than what we write.

Anyway, the film is really bizarre. The artist who created the We Live in Public experiments, first with a bunch of lab rat volunteers, and later with himself and his girlfriend, the notorious Tanya, was Josh Harris. Ondi Timoner is the film’s director. The film sifts through all of the footage of both experiments.

The Quiet: We Live in Public was the first one. It didn’t seem to prove anything beyond what we already know: if given the chance, human beings exhibit the best and the worst of themselves. Probably holed up together like that, with lots of drugs, food, sex – no law and order, no sunlight — they might have gone crazy.

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