Okay so sometimes non-internet people wander into the online realm and I think they aren’t quite sure how to filter properly. Famous people especially. Maybe they are already in too big of a bubble that they are already so out of touch they can’t fathom what it is we people actually do in the real world. And then there is the internet. And then there is Twitter. Twitter is bizarre. It’s like trying to cross, or stand in the middle of, a freeway. It moves fast and people all over the world are connecting to each other with 140 character tweets. And so it happened one day Jim Carrey started saying BOING. Over and over and over. The thing is, he was just being playful. Dipping a toe into the world of the humans. But on Twitter, where you are better off having a reason to tweet than to tweet just for the hell of it, it doesn’t really come off that well.

Put it this way: even David Lynch and Yoko Ono have meaning to their tweets. Jim Carrey trended BOING. And then today he got pissed that people were wondering whether or not he’d lost his sanity. And so you have Jim Carrey’s angry tweets (my advice to Jim – either have a reason to use Twitter or stop using it). Reading backwards from newer to earlier – we can do that now. We can read things backwards! But if it freaks you out, feel free to read upwards.

JimCarrey that some1 might create something with lasting impact in this world, something u cannot find the faith or the courage to dream of…cont–>

JimCarrey I’m so sane in fact,that I have managed to transcend the pettiness of your kind my whole life! U suppressive types who r so afraid…cont–>

JimCarrey The truth is I’m an intuitive,creative,and spiritual person.I’m healthier,smarter,and YES much more sane than u who say I’m crazy.cont–>

JimCarrey #BOING WORLD! I’m so grateful 2 u who bounce the big blue ball with me but I’ve had it with u who need 2 chalk me up as crazy. cont.–>

JimCarrey Some say I’m weird on twitter.But it’s all just art to me.Freedom of expression.If my #BOING offends u, feel free to unfollow me. S’okay ;^)

JimCarrey @Jeremylg007 Things have never been better Jeremy. Really! I am my fully creative and authentic self. Happiest I’ve ever been! #BOING ;^)

JimCarrey @gladman Tell ya what. I’m going to do whatever I feel compelled to do here and your free to leave! Sound fair? Glad to help! #BOING {B^P





I feel badly for Jim Carrey only because I just don’t think he is aware of how the net works overall – meaning, everyone has a mask on and everyone filters – they have their identity and then they have their internet identity. And he could hurt himself this way.

But Jim Carrey has a lot of fans. His fans far outweigh those who are freaked out by the boinging going on. Read onward to hear what his many fans had to say.

  1. KatrinaKoontz @JimCarrey BOING!!!!!!less than 20 seconds ago from Twitterrific
  2. Img_0165_normalgekkca @JimCarreyKeep bouncing!Ignore negativity!The world u live in is one that expects uniformity,has trouble with things outside the norm.Boing!half a minute ago from web
  3. 25288_110647045631310_100000580440323_156247_5570503_n_normalJenniferBLopez @JimCarrey JIM! you said it yourself some people cant see out of the box!! Leave them be they struggle enough im sure =) #BOING lol!!half a minute ago from web
  4. Twitterprofilephoto_normalthreethirty All of Gopherspace as a single download | BoingBoing | http://ur1.ca/xxy2half a minute ago from mbpidgin
  5. Default_profile_4_normalCAZWHUFC09 @JimCarrey smite me oh mighty #BOING “)less than a minute ago from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  6. Twitterprofilephoto_normalmamaj2940 @JimCarrey #BOING get out of the way CYCLOPS,the big blue ball is coming through & you can’t stop it!less than a minute ago from web
  7. Gerrytodd_normalscottmccrickard If @JimCarrey‘s next movie isn’t called#BOING I’ll be very disappointed.less than a minute ago from web
  8. Mw_normaltinkmygirl RT @Wersching: @JimCarrey Personally I think you rock. 🙂 #ZOING #BOINGless than a minute ago from UberTwitter
  9. Default_profile_1_normalshayaan007 @JimCarrey sir leave those idiots.we want u to tweet boing.cmeon sirless than a minute ago from Mobile Web
  10. Img_0636_normalDivababie @JimCarrey to the non believers i say “Go #boingyourself!”1 minute ago from TwitBird iPhone
  11. Cameran_helmet_normalgsz2952 @JimCarrey if you cover both eyes you see the meaning of the #BOING1 minute ago from TweetCaster
  12. Xmlegacy234_normalurbantaoist85 @JimCarrey Ah, but in the kingdom of the#BOING the CYCLOPS is King #BOING1 minute ago from web
  13. 5572_1198163828102_1048693214_615405_2784857_n_normalmr_delovely RT @JimCarrey: #BOING WORLD! I’m so grateful 2 u who bounce the big blue ball with me but I’ve had it with u who need 2 chalk me up as crazy. cont.–>1 minute ago from web
  14. My_photo_normalmcnut @JimCarrey it is sad that there are people out there that don’t understand your vision. Always glad to #BOING and bounce this big blue ball2 minutes ago from web
  15. Sc_tree_normalrobshq BOING! back from South Carolina!2 minutes ago from web
  16. Picture_0021_normaldaisielove @JimCarrey who said that ill kick there butt #boing2 minutes ago from web
  17. Katie_2009_normalKatie751 @jimcarrey KEEP TRUE TO YOU, MY FRIEND! #BOINGON!! ;?) kj2 minutes ago from txt
  18. _mg_6623-edit1_normalukmatty01 @JimCarrey See Jim, people are RT’ing stuff about#BOING2 minutes ago from mobile web
  19. Sc_tree_normalrobshq @JimCarrey oh mY! have peeps really been bashing u!? they just suck! I will BOING w/u always. that sounded bad. but u know what I mean;)2 minutes ago from web
  20. Img00075-20090502-1539_normaljulzz_neo @JimCarrey. If people don’t like what you do, why don’t they #BOING off!2 minutes ago from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  1. WendyWoo85 @JimCarrey a great big grateful BOING from dear old Blighty……thank you…..=0)less than 20 seconds ago from web
  2. Default_profile_2_normaloceangrle @JimCarrey #BOING those nay sayersless than 20 seconds ago from web
  3. Kevin_levrone_normalRngerMcFriendly @JimCarrey haha BOING is all those things, its everything then 🙂 loving it my friend…I think i’m gonna#BOING with ya lol 🙂less than 20 seconds ago from web
  4. _normalGuyaneezGyal @JimCarrey you should visit Tampa, FL and I’ll make you some Canadian food … poutine!! Yummy!!! BOINGto Florida!!half a minute ago from web
  5. Monkey1_normalcarmenjiamin @JimCarrey Chillout dude~ There’ll always be jerks everywhere. Cheerup! (^(oo)^)v #BOINGhalf a minute ago from web
  6. 00087_-_camilla_0568_normalcamillafrey @JimCarrey have a #BOING-tastic day:Dhalf a minute ago from Twitterrific
  7. Bribrim_normalbribrim @JimCarrey uh oh… don’t say you are done with twitter! i’ll boing my fingers off!half a minute ago from Twittelator
  8. Winter__08-_09_and_spring__09_1580_normalAliciaRay26 @JimCarrey look PAST that ghastly green exterior to see the heart 3 sizes too big. For ETERNITY the spreading of BOING! has sought desperateless than a minute ago from TweetDeck
  9. Ravi_twit_normalCupOfTea69 @JimCarrey it’s very hard to BOING and Tweet at the same time. Good skills !less than a minute ago from Tweetie
  10. Twitterprofilephoto_normaljhenegar @JimCarrey and inspired…BOING!less than a minute ago from txt
  11. Tweet_normaljunethrusept #BOING @JimCarreyless than a minute ago from TweetDeck
  12. M_7eded096006fa823aa22e69e833cd9f8_normalNitroJohn70 @JimCarrey #BOING those tweeter haters! Keep bouncing the big blue ball! Your true followers will keep#BOINGING along!less than a minute ago from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  13. 19152_254754776021_659156021_3837738_3966127_n_normalItsKatieWalker @JimCarrey get em baby!!! you aren’t crazy as all. – #BOING – stay exactly the way you are! – #BOINGless than a minute ago from web
  14. 0472_normalLindenMcEachern Don’t let the haters get you down@JimCarrey! They just don’t understand #BOING and are scared of things they don’t understand! We love you!less than a minute ago from Twitterrific
  15. L_4b14ece6705846b29045f81d5eb50eec_normalSureReeUh @JimCarrey we love you for your craziness! JIM CARREY HATERS CAN GO BOING THEMSELVES OFF A CLIFF <3less than a minute ago from txt
  16. Mvc-023f_normalbenbauer1 @jimcarrey haha #BOING. TELL EM LIKE IT IS JIM. YOU HAVE PLENTY OUT HERE WHO UNDERSTAND AND LOVE YOU…LIKE, ME!!!less than a minute ago from txt
  17. Frappuchino_sf_normalbeckmann73 @JimCarrey dude, it is awesome to be able to follow you, your thoughts and boing on twitter. 🙂less than a minute ago from Twitterrific
  18. Default_profile_2_normalNowEntertaiment Lyrics for Beatles song expected to sell for $700K – Boing Boinghttp://www.boingboing.net/2010/04/29/lyric-sheet-for-beat.htmlless than a minute ago from Twitter4J
  19. Jabba_normalRyanPom @JimCarrey I had a dream about #boing last night.less than a minute ago from web
  20. Ullam_twitter_normalUllaM @JimCarrey …well, I always thought it was a compliment when s.o. called me crazy…. #boingless than a minute ago from web
  21. Peoplevictorbeck1_normalJillMosh @JimCarrey I shall bounce the boing for you, mr. Carrey!2 minutes ago from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  22. Twitterprofilephoto_normalDarklostangel @lydiamaroon I think that a lot of people said things about his crazyness, and now he starts to explain himself.. I´m afraid he stops #BOING2 minutes ago from web
  23. Thumbnailimage_jpg_jsessionid_6f4109a0dbc260dc90124b99b80248d0_normaldavegenius @JimCarrey i agree, its best to leave this world with something to show than to wake up one day realising u av wasted your life p.s. BOING!2 minutes ago from web
  24. Thumbnailbrooklyntwit @jimcarrey Do not allow the naysayers to destroy the beautiful universe of #BOING which you have opened our eyes to. #BOING #BOING #BOING2 minutes ago from web
  25. Monty_python_normalPaula_Python @JimCarrey Amazing words. #boing!2 minutes ago from TweetDeck
  26. Profile_image_1272395176779_normalPBNUTHEAD @JimCarrey .. all I ask the magic #BOING is to star me in a movie, o please magic #BOING MAKE A ACTOR..2 minutes ago from twidroid
  27. Img_1635_normal1Jae2Real RT @JimCarrey: Some say I’m weird on twitter.But it’s all just art to me.Freedom of expression.If my #BOINGoffends u, feel free to unfollow me. S’okay ;^)2 minutes ago from web
  28. 16_normalJacqueline_DVM i’m happy to #BOING with the rest of em!2 minutes ago from web
  29. Flash_in_the_pool_normalkayben2 @JimCarrey Afraid to #BOING bunch of cowards. You just keep entertaining. LOVE YA!!!! its the ppl who appear normal one has to worry about:)2 minutes ago from web
  30. Winter__08-_09_and_spring__09_1580_normalAliciaRay26 @JimCarrey HT track the going is often tougher than when you’re quite OFF track and the way is smooth as silk. Carry on, don’t be held#BOING2 minutes ago from TweetDeck
  31. Tigermtranch_normalTigerMtRanch @JimCarrey they are better forgotten with no breath or time waisted!!! I say BOING!!!!2 minutes ago from TwitBird iPhone
  32. Default_profile_1_normalHersheya @JimCarrey #BOING To #BOING or not to #BOING? Oh well, what the – – – -. #BOING2 minutes ago from Twitter for BlackBerry®
  33. Craigs_normallspearman1 @JimCarrey They just wish they could bounce back like you. You BOING Bouncing Ball Man You! Boing..2 minutes ago from web
  34. Twitterprofilephoto_normalJustinTwiterLan RT @JimCarrey: #BOING WORLD! I’m so grateful 2 u who bounce the big blue ball with me but I’ve had it with u who need 2 chalk me up as crazy. cont.–>2 minutes ago from web
  35. Image0133_normalKrezGrrl @jimcarrey SAY IT LOUD, SAY IT PROUD! #BOING!2 minutes ago from txt
  36. Class3_normalAndy_MaCk87 @JimCarrey its haters. #boing ’em and keep doing you!2 minutes ago from blu
  37. M_7dc4d5dea9d96383c3f122243af48ab2_normalmcginn112 #BOING2 minutes ago from web
  38. Gtfo_normalyamCatMasta @jimcarrey i understand wat #BOING means now!!2 minutes ago from im+
  39. 9836396_normalabdelrahmanG @JimCarrey U better use twitlonger.com for long BOING tweets. 😉3 minutes ago from Snaptu