I have not bought a single thing on ebay on over a year. I decided, recently, to sell some stuff on there, however, and I’ve discovered that ebay has become a horrible assemblage of traits all rolled into one site. First, once you sell something sellers do all sorts of creepy things to ensure they aren’t getting cheated. They immediately open a case and that takes the money out of your paypal account and puts it “on hold” until the case is resolved. Ebay has put this entirely in the hands of creepy people out there in America. There is no first step needed, they simply open the case. Almost everything I’ve sold on ebay has had a case opened – if you don’t email them immediately, if the package is even a day late – they open a case. Worse, I sold a few things and the end total for ebay fees was around $300! Not worth it, my friends.

Perhaps if you can play by the “new” rules you will do well on there but I don’t think I got time for that.