So, I accidentally made my plane reservation for the wrong day to fly to the Cannes Film Fest. Now I have to change it to a day earlier, if you can believe. My chaotic mind knows no bounds and cannot be tamed, despite my own verbal abuse, and sometimes physical. So yesterday the plane fare was under a grand. Today when I to an Expedia search it has soared to $1600. I am now looking at the possibility of missing the first day of the film festival because I’ll be damned if I’m going to shitcan $600. Am I being cheap? It’s all a write-off, I say, pretending to actually be a person who makes money and has write-offs.

Here I sit, broken hearted, trying to change my ticket but only…

This might be a good tie to pray to that God I don’t acknowledge. Yeah, good luck with that. On the upside, Expedia told me I had until May 9 to make this change and maybe, just maybe, the prices will drop again.

There is always the chance that the airlines have travelers by the balls right now due to a certain volcanic eruption.