I have decided to go with Liquid Web for now. I know that come Oscar season, my website, will experience its usual crunch, especially during important announcement days. Otherwise, The Planet’s servers have been great. We’ll see how Liquid Web holds up. Fingers crossed I made the right decision. I realize that much of the problem is me and my inability or lack of education on how to run my own dedicated server. I’m one of those people who hates asking for directions and asking for help; I’d rather just do it alone. So far, I’m impressed with Liquid Web’s tech support. The Planet has pretty good support but most of the time they give you the stupid person’s recommendation first – like “did you try rebooting the server?” Uh. yeah.

This was my problem – I needed more IP address to redirect my websites to them. Since the server only gave me one or two, the other websites weren’t dedicated IPs but sharing IPs. That caused problems with the WordPress themes I was running. Since I didn’t know that at the time, I freaked out and quit The Planet. Anyway, Liquid Web gave me the extra IPs, no problem. So all is well again.

I’m thinking out loud on this in case there is any lost soul out there. This had to do with the GD library and Timthumb, by the way.