Somewhere in the middle of it I went to the zoo with a classroom for kindergartners. That was fun. Fun in the way that having your big toe ache all day while you plod around on asphalt all day fun. No, really, it was fun in that feel sorry for all of the imprisoned animals way. No seriously. I have learned that the best time to visit the zoo at all is in the morning. If you go in the afternoon the animals are done with it. They just want some peace inside their dark little caves. It was, however, a good chance to try out the new camera. The one shot I really wanted was of a baby orangutan. It had climbed into the perfect position, in between cuddling with its mommy and climbing up a rope – it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. But for some reason my camera wouldn’t click — I think it had to do with the autofocus, which I’ve started really digging. I’m tired of missing shots because I didn’t focus it right. Anyway, I missed the shot.

I got one of the baby orang but it wasn’t a very good one. I doctored it up in Photoshop for the hell of it.