The one person who reads my blog told me I hadn’t updated in a while and it’s true. Why? Well, I haven’t much felt like it, to tell you the truth. Too much going on in my world, not enough going on in my world. I’ve been delving into the Facebook phenom a bit and I still find it strange that we’ve found a way to all hang out together without having to see each other in real life.

My daughter Emma has started using a login and commenting on videos on YouTube. She watches kittens and puppies and mermaids. So she writes something like “that’s so cute!” And she thumbs up ones she likes. I’m wondering how long before I have to interfere and say something to her about the ways of the net. It can be a nasty, unforgivng place. One has to be sort of schooled on it. Her generation is growing up with Google as a way to research stuff. I can’t imagine how alluring that must be. I can’t imagine how alluring it must be to have video of yourself instantly uploaded for all to see. It is all very strange and we parents have to get wise pretty quick, is all I gotta say on that.

The real thing that’s happening is that I’ve fallen in love with a dog I can’t have.¬† We have two cats, two Siamese cats Emma and I adore. But then I met Cici.

My mothers dog Josie, sad Josie, who recently died left a hole in her other dog, Ella’s, life. One night, a little hungry scared dog crawled into her yard and refused to leave. Ella, ferocious beast that she is, pinned this new dog down at every opportunity but stopped short of killing her; Ella is adorable but she likes to kill small animals with regularity. My mom admitted to me that she didn’t like the dog. She didn’t even name her. When I laid eyes on her, though, I was won over immediately. She looked like a Cici and that became her name.

Cici turns out to be a bright, funny, adventurous dog who is a charmer each and every time I see her. She bounces and hops and is just so smart and cute. But the thing I love the most is that she follows me everywhere. She even has decided to perch herself behind me on the chair I like to sit on. She’s so damned cute and sad all at once. My mom doesn’t care for her in the least and keeps saying, “if you love her so much, you take her!” It didn’t help that Cici barfed in her new Rav4. Cici isn’t used to the car and well, nobody’s perfect. Now Cici has been banned from her car. I would give anything to keep this dog. I can barely keep our cats, though, and a dog is out of the question. It’s depressing as hell. Maybe Cici will live long enough that I can take her when I get a bigger place. Whenever that will be.