Yeah, pretty much yesterday was the day from hell. I’m really glad it’s almost over, to tell you the god’s honest truth. The dirt on the ground is just the tip of the iceberg. One cute thing: rabbits everywhere. Noisy drunken white trash neighbors told stories and cackled into the night. I actually had to yell at them at 1am to “keep it down,” “Okay,” came a white-trashy sarcastic quip back. Fuckers.

Charging the old computer has been a problem. Wi Fi is $7 a day at the camp store, which is, I’ve found out, where the fertile mating ground would be if we all lived in this community. Human beings need a social hub to hook up, I’ve discovered, and there is always going to be one wherever a community has sprung up. Here, the skater-boyz and the pyts co-mingle for a chance encounter that will haunt them for their entire life. My own came from a 16 year-old named Matt back in Yosemite in the ’80s. He was very cute but I never got his last name. I’m sure I was just his most desired at the time for the moment but for me it was quite spectacular, though brief.

I wait here at the store for it to open so I can buy some milk but alas, somewhere the owners of the store are actually sleeping.

Will upload pix as soon as I am able but I’m looking forward to heading back to the choking heat of the valley.