Britney Spears. What more is left to say. Here is how sick we all are. If Britney became Elvis, hell, if Amy Winehouse became Elvis, and suddenly died they would both become saints. Britney would be worshipped like a goddess and no longer chewed up and spit out on a daily basis. But really, what more is left to say? This is why I never want my daughter to go anywhere near show business. There is no happy ending for any of them, even the successful ones. Best any child star can hope for is to fade off into obscurity, you know, become a realtor. Photos of Britney, returning from Louisiana where her teenage sister just gave birth, breaking into sobs as the photographers snap away. But check out the dude in the background, the one in the Ed Hardy tee. The juxtaposition of him and Britney sadness makes this particular photo art.