Breed ’em and Weep has an interesting blog item up today about why people blog. Why do they blog? I have a theory. But first, here is her:

In the early years of blogging, some people referred to the phenomenon as escribitionism. I don’t know how accurate that is. That to me suggests that writing, as one ex- and very brief beau told me, is ultimately a vain activity. I just can’t subscribe to that. That it’s vain until it’s perfection. Until it’s high art. Until it’s Chekhov and Hemingway and Woolf. When it transforms into something else.

If you blog, well‚why do you? If you don’t, well what do you make of it?

And now, a momentary dip into my psyche. I think we blog because we are all over-educated. There, I said it. We are too smart and have too much time on our hands. We have invented and then “found” the internet because it satisfies both the ingrown narcisstic itch and the endless black hole of curiosity we humans have. We are, despite our best efforts to be a community, extremely isolated from one another. Western society, let’s say. That isolation brings on a jones for company. We are finding out communities, our soulmates, and doing our shopping all online. What will become of our regular lives?

This is as good a time as any to write about why I’m doing this personal blog. I already do this one but I have so much to blab about I need a broader arena. This site doesn’t know where it’s going yet. I plan to write about whatever strikes my fancy. If I’m lucky, it will strike your fancy.

Breed ’em and Weep