Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole

[youtube][/youtube] You know, it’s so weird to have lived through most of the trends on the net – and there was a time when I put all of my favorite songs on cassette tapes. This song made it onto many of my love...

Untouchable Face

In contemplating this whole Lindsay Lohan/Samantha Ronson career makeover it led me down the dykerock path. Ani Difranco is considered dykerock but I’m not so sure she herself is a lesbian. Anyway, the weird thing about Lindsay Lohan is that the second it was...

Guaranteed Mood Lifter

If you’re feeling sad and lonely, there’s a service I can render: [youtube][/youtube] But if you want to swoon: [youtube][/youtube]

St. Pat’s

Yeah, it’s St. Pat’s. My friend Robert is Irish and he sent me this to celebrate (by the way, I’m not Irish) – it’s Van the Man!

Patti’s Eloquent Acceptance Speech

Love and an electric guitar On a cold morning in 1955, walking to Sunday school, I was drawn to the voice of Little Richard wailing Tutti Frutti from the interior of a local boy’s makeshift clubhouse. So powerful was the connection that I let go of my...