We can say, in fairness, that not all humans ought to be destroyed. But if we’re making lists of the first people to get eaten in the zombie apocalypse, I vote for these dumbs cunts, the women who hunt and brag about it. That they hunt big game and then post pictures only make them look stupid. They don’t really care, of course, because this whole stupid subject has been warped once again along partisan lines – so lining up behind the dumb cunts are the stupid conservatives who tweet their support – why, because it’s on Fox News. It’s like “freedom fries” or Sarah Cunty Palin drinking a Big Gulp – We’re Americans! We Wear Stupidity like some people wear skin. It’s beyond humiliating. Globally, eternally humiliating that we have so many stupid ambassadors. Let’s divide the country into equal parts – smart people on one side – we get to keep the federal government, the post office, the military and Obamacare. Stupid people can have poverty lining their dirty city streets, arm every citizen, eat high fructose corn syrup and fast food to their hearts content, send all of their jobs to China and watch as five families keep all of the wealth. Over on the smart side, we’ll have walled off the stupid people’s half-country so that their “freedom” won’t continue to pollute and warm the planet. Their part will look like the overflowing ashtray – ours will be a paradise of well cared for citizens, organic farming, made in the USA products. Oh it would be great.

But for now we have to share our country with the dumb cunts and the stupid people. Good thing we have Twitter to keep track of them. Here are some of those defending the Queen Dumb Cunt who shoots up big game animals, though she isn’t worthy to lick the dirty sweat off their genitals.

So to give the dumb cunt the benefit of the doubt, to “research” and “get educated” about what she is supposedly doing, if you’re a big game hunter to protect habitats and endangered species, then posting bragging photos of the dead animals is disrespectful all around. If you are interested in reading up on the facts, you can find a fair account here. Jones is nowhere near the only big game hunter and yes, is getting a lot of hate because she is a young pretty blonde girl and that might be the ultimate betrayal to a patriarchy – one of their hot broads turning into an obvious cunt.

Either way, no matter what your view on hunting and conservation, her photos put up on her Facebook page are repugnant, disgusting and wrong. That makes her a dumb cunt forever. Sorry.