Flesh makes a temporary border
Lasts as long as a whisper–
what separates you from me.
You wrap your fingers
tightly around what feels like my heart.
Tongue and teeth,
My well worn terrain
burned out by flame,
Awakened by fire,
starting new. Yes. So it does.
When a minor player in the mechanism
of your body
throws off its insignificance
with a soft line,
finger across palm And so it is–
when you speak everything stops.
It has to.
What keeps life and the natural world
moving is the why–
You talking to me even whispering.
Is the wonder,
The Miraculous and the mundane,
–Adonis with his dog the beach.
–Himeros filling up the gas tank.
–And Eros making sense of the day.
Open doors down endless corridors.
Your eyes and this–
Mysterious rapture.

North Hollywood, August 2013