Gwyneth Paltrow, despite being a perfectly nice, harmless woman, is the object of scorn for many on the internets. I can dig it. The overpriced items on her website Goop are almost immoral. They seem only to serve the sin of envy – dangling in front of everywoman like a golden carrot readying to soil their credit rating as they scramble to keep up with people whose private buying business should really be kept private, for decency’s sake.

Her latest cookbook It’s All Good is truly offensive in all of the ways its critics claim. Yes, there are many impossibly gorgeous pictures of Ms. Paltrow. Yes, she talks about apple trees in her backyard and her celebrity buddies. Yes, her recipes bespeak the life of someone who doesn’t have to lift a goddmaned finger to cook or shop if she doesn’t want to and yes, she works out two hours every day and starves herself to look that way and then pretends it’s all easy. All of that is true.

But…dude the cookbook! It’s full of great recipes. I’m sorry, but it is. It’s made for people who have to eat this shit and can’t find any good ways to do it. I’m going to slather veganaise on everything from now on. I’ll eat the shit out of those buckwheat soba noodles with ginger-scallion broth. Perfectly cooked quinoa? Bring it on. Seriously, creamy avocado and cacao smoothie. I’m so there.

Am I ready to totally go there with the gluten-free this or “an actually good egg-white omelet, huevos rancheros version”? Probably not. But there are several recipes and ways of cooking in this book I definitely will utilize. Alls I’m saying is give peace a chance. Not all Gwyneth is bad Gwyneth.