I have to admit that I was a bit impressed with Paul Ryan’s ability to hold his own against Joe Biden. It was quite impressive. There was no excuse, however, for the mewling chorus of crybabies on the right who couldn’t accept that Biden had won. Liberals were even being cautious, saying Biden laughing throughout was a bad strategy because Ryan’s sincerity was being mocked. But how else do you deal with entire party’s platform being based on lies? The notion that Obama has failed was constructed by Republican senators.

Look at these two assclowns:

These are just a couple of the guys who are thwarting our President’s ability to enact his agenda. Obama is a very smart man. He’s surrounded with a very smart team. The Republicans are the pit bulls constantly nipping at his heels to keep him from crossing the yard. Actually, on second thought, pit bulls are far too great of creatures to be compared to assclowns so let’s leave them out of it. How can Ryan and Romney DARE to throw around claims like Obama can’t run on his record. Oh, he most certainly can. The Republicans are offering us nothing more than a giant step backwards.

Healthcare – they will repeal the only health care legislation ever put forward in the US government. We are supposedly the greatest country in the world and yet our citizens go without health insurance — and thus, without care. We might as well be a third world given how our citizens have been bullied and controlled by insurance companies. Enough is enough. Are the GOP going to help with that? Nope.

Women’s Rights – take a good long look at those signs. Those proportions are correct. Paul Ryan said in the debate last night that he and Romney are opposed to abortion — and would thus enact laws (ie – put in place conservative supreme court justices who would then overturn Roe V Wade) that undo all of the hard fought years for women’s rights regarding their decision to do with their body what is best for them and their family and their future. It’s a horrifying glimpse into a much more radically conservative administration than we’ve seen many decades.

The economy – listen carefully to what Ryan is saying. He’s talking about “private sector” and “small business” creating jobs. Romney’s the guy who says the dishwasher at a restaurant hopes for more customers to make that guy’s business better. Dude, the dishwasher don’t give a good goddamned. The dishwasher wants health care for his family. Give me a fucking break. Listen to the key differences between Obama and Romney, Biden and Ryan – one side is looking out for the very poor and the middle class, of which there are way too many in this country. The other side is looking out for corporations, big business and billionaires. Do you think Karl Rove, Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers would spend that much money on a campaign if it didn’t serve their own interests? Enough is enough.

Do you want to see what a lynch mob looks like in modern day America? Well, here it is:

We are at a moment of crisis. This is not your usual swap one guy out for another guy and it makes no difference. It makes a huge difference this year. Don’t let Romney and Ryan undo what we’ve built, what Obama has helped to build, what he has managed to do even if the most resistant house any President has seen in my lifetime.

I’ve set up a donation page here. If you want to donate to the Obama ticket, here you go. I am intolerant these days of low information voters. There is no excuse anymore to be out of touch. The internet has brought the news to our laps. Get involved. Get educated. We are a government for the people, by the people. Let’s start acting like it.

Some key moments from last night’s debate: