I had to take a break from this site for a while because of personal reasons.  Well, I had a stalker of sorts who would not leave me alone.  I get a lot of stalkers or mean people coming here – I’m not really sure why but it happens. Shit happens.  So I’m almost done with Oscars 2012, which has turned into a mostly predictable wash out, except for the possibility that Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer might win Oscars, which would shock the hell out of Hollywood.  The status quo would have Meryl Streep win and Spencer in Supporting.  But hey, maybe the status quo will get broken up.

I’m still working on a redesign but haven’t gotten a good one yet.

Getting ready to start writing up the latest in vegetarian cooking and maybe talk about the upcoming election. In the meantime, this happened:

Around 300,000 organic farmers think that Monsanto, the biotech giant known for genetically modifying Mother Nature’s handwork for profit and pushing over the little guys all the while, is pretty seedy.

“Monsanto’s threats and abuse of family farmers stops here,” says Jim Gerritsen, president of the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association. “Monsanto’s genetic contamination of organic seed and organic crops ends now. Americans have the right to choice in the marketplace — to decide what kind of food they will feed their families — and we are taking this action on their behalf to protect that right to choose.”

Waiting to exhale and hope that Montsanto’s evil mitts are messed with in some fashion.