I get a lot of hits on my Bachelorette posts for some reason. People search info about the show and end up here. I always feel badly because it’s not new info; it’s about Deanna and Jesse and their failed, pointless love affair. But I thought I would write up one last post on the Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky and her chosen man, Roberto. The thing about Ali was that she is a smart girl. You don’t grow up with a family like that and not end up smart. I know it’s more fun to hate on them – and I wish I could. But the truth is, I always liked Ali, both when she was on The Bachelor (with that horrific Jake) and then later on The Bachelorette. I “liked” her, meaning, as a viewer I liked “her character.” I felt that she was more honest than they usually are, and I also felt like Roberto was the guy from Day One. So, in that sense, I never felt like they were in it for more than just love. Although, of course they are. They are all in it for a career boost. So many people want to be on TV. And if you’re as pretty as she is, and as cute as he is, why not cash in on those good looks?

I found this season’s episode of the Bachelorette to be very good television, considering it was a reality show and all. You know, of course, that the networks are cleaning up on the combination of high ratings and not having to pay stars to act in their shows? They are cleaning up because everyone wants to be on TV. What they get paid for the whole thing is usually what a star gets for just one episode. So yeah, this isn’t going to end any time soon.

Be that as it may – women are geared towards fantasy. And fantasy is what the show dishes out. And on that level, what the hell, right? Men watch wrestling. Women watch The Bachelorette. We watch because the men do the wedding dance. Let’s face it, weddings are simply the right kind of porn for women. Romance porn. He chooses the ring, he compliments the girl – it’s such a princess story that I’m embarrassed to admit that I watch it. We shouldn’t worry about how that makes us look, girls.

Because I “liked” Ali, I really hope that things turn out well for her. Whether this relationship lasts or not, I hope that her life is good – and that she isn’t just sweeping up after the dregs this reality show leaves behind.

Also, I bet Chris becomes the next Bachelor. Just saying. It’s either going to be Chris or the lawyer dude, Craig.