I am starting a new series here for you three readers to enjoy. I seem to gather a lot of information during the day. I figured, why not share it? Maybe this makes me Sandra Bullock in All About Steve, which I just saw the other day and found it to be a lot better than the poor reviews, and Razzie nods, would have you believe. It isn’t a bad-intentioned film at all. Some bits are clumsy, but Thomas Haden Church is brilliant in it, and hell, why not gaze at whatshisname for a whole movie’s duration? Sandra Bullock isn’t bad either. Anyway, I could kind of, sort of relate to her character in so much as I have a lot of factoids and quotes and obscurities roaming around in my head and they do threaten to come out. I then can either explain them to the blank stares I get back, or try to thwart them from ever coming out in the first place. And that, my friends, is how I have friends.

1) Did you know you could use a cup of yogurt as a measuring cup? Apparently they are clearly marked as to how much they hold. I’m always on the lookout for containers that I know equal exactly one cup. I haven’t measured the yogurt cup to see if it does, but this post will lead me to believe that yes, it’s one cup exactly, or close enough.

2. More people now use Facebook to send messages rather than email. Have you noticed that? It’s the strangest thing. People who have had my email for years now opt to send me messages via Facebook. Perhaps they feel it is a more trustworthy method, being that there is no way I won’t get the email.

3. I am both inspired and ashamed that Meryl Streep was 45 when she did The River Wild. Amazing, right?

4. I learned today that you can’t really have ice cream for breakfast in Paris. Of course, you CAN, if you know how to ask the right person.