One must always remember that the producers on the Bachelorette like high ratings and they don’t much care about anything else. Since couples do not really “work” after the cameras stop rolling, all they have to hold on to are the failed relationships and those, it turns out, draw higher ratings than the successful ones (because there is still only one of those).

Reality Steve is the guy who has this whole thing nailed down, so if you aren’t reading his site regarding The Bachelorette and The Bachelor fakitude, you should start now.

If I wanted to bypass the whole idea that the producers allowed this whole Frank mess to go forward without having known about it in advance of Tahiti, well then I could lay the whole thing on Frank, which I have no problem doing. Of all of the guys, he always seemed the most fake. He’s a screenwriter, for god’s sake. I’m sure he thought it was a smart idea to make a lot of money (he lives with his parents and so he needs the money – perhaps that is why his girlfriend in Chicago dumped him anyway — now that he’s got money, she’s interested again) by going on the show. But then he liked being on the show – all he had to do was fake-profess his love and travel to pretty locales, eat great food, and be on a TV show!

RealitySteve’s spoiler says that Ali ends up with neither guy, and that is the way it’s shaping up at this point. Chris and Roberto are both standup dudes – both probably want to be actors.

The only problem about this whole thing is that we watch it at all. Even morbid curiosity is no excuse!