This from US Weekly’s story about Oksana supposedly trying to extort 10 million from Mel Gibson to keep audio tapes under wraps.

Bless Mel’s heart
because he made a stupid decision leaving Robin for this money hungry tramp looking for a free ride.
That’s just plain wrong!
But she got the reaction she was plotting to get!
I don’t beleive anything this sorry excuse for a women says.
Whey would she be recording conversations w/the father of her child if she wasn’t out for something.
She’s ugly and Mel has some amazing talent.
The man is a victim of this barracuda
who is just trying to
extort millions from him
using that baby she had,
without his permission,
she just set him up
and got pregnant to entrap him
and then is going in for the kill.
Poor Man

I would bet Oksana provokes Mel into his rants.
She looks like a Bittch and probably pushes Mel’s buttons.

Ok, now this I actually believe.
That Russian euro trash
isn’t worth the clothes on her back.
She gets uglier with each photo I see of her.
She’s probably a Russian spy.