I still don’t know what to make of Facebook. It is both the coolest thing ever and the weirdest. It is a way of keeping tabs on people, networking for one’s job and a personal public relations tool all in one. So in a way, it’s all PR. Some are better at it than others. This upcoming David Fincher movie about Facebook and the dudes who thought it up (young hot shots with no real sense of the bigger picture) was written by Aaron Sorkin (my own personal writing god).

Thing is, to what end this? Can you imagine yourself at 80 years old clicking on Facebook? Myspace ended because Facebook took it over. Then Twitter came but Twitter and Facebook work nicely together, except when people make the mistake of turning either into a sloppy seconds information spill. You have to make them separate and they serve two separate needs.

A recent social conclave made me rethink my actions and all because of Facebook. When you invite some people and not others you have to consider Facebook. Part of me longs for it to be over. Part of me thinks it’s a really weird and bad idea. But another part of me thinks it’s all evolution. We don’t really socialize much anymore and we live in a global community – that is, we can access people all over the world and “hang out” with them. There is no location limitation anymore. Facebook is a way of bringing back community in a way we couldn’t before.

But then again, it isn’t. It is filtered.

Either way, I eagerly anticipate the David Fincher flick.