My iPhone is still under warranty.

It was rendered useless after I installed the 4.0 firmware update, the OS4. It crashes continually, even with a clean install, even after two hard resets, even with no apps installed – it crashes.

I happened to be in the Apple store yesterday and heard a sales clerk talking to a customer and he was dismissing any charges that the update was bunk (a couple of people wrote me to tell me they had NO problems with the update as well). And I told him that the update was flawed and that it did cause significant problems with my iPhone and many many others on the Apple support board.

“Oh,” he said dismissively, “they’re always upset about something.”

“But it IS a problem,” I snapped.

And it flashed before me, the exact kind of “you’re a lunatic” look that Apple clerks continually give. Because god forbid the problem should be with Apple. The problem is with YOU.

Will report back my experience from today’s appt.