I mean really, fuck you. After the many years of devotion to you, after defending you in countless arguments with PC lovers, after spending at least $1,000 more with each purchase than I would for a comparable machine – FUCK YOU.

I bought the iPhone 3GS less than a year ago. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I never went anywhere without it. It worked BEAUTIFULLY. I dropped it a few times and it still works. I have relied upon it every day for the past year. But then Apple sends out a firmware update with OS4 software designed for iPhone 4. And it totally screws up my iPhone. Now it doesn’t work. It crashes constantly and it can’t handle the upgraded firmware in the slightest. Wouldn’t it have been nice if Apple had tested this better before sending it out to many of us loyal customers?

So now, they’re hoping everyone will buy their iPhone 4 and that we 3GS customers are a thing of the past. Really? I’m supposed to shell out $400 for a new fucking iPhone when my old one isn’t even a year old?!

I know that when I walk into the Apple store and tell them my problem they will just give me that confused look. Plenty of customers, they will say, are having no problems whatsoever with the iPhone firmware update. What is YOUR problem, lady? And why don’t you have a new iPhone anyway?

I’m really going to spend $400 on a phone that already has many problems with its reception? My iPhone 3GS was great! It was perfect. It worked beautifully.

But here’s the kicker: Apple will block your restore if you try to downgrade to the former version of the firmware. The only way to do it, I guess, is to void my warranty and jailbreak it to get the old software on there.

So I just wanted to say, for the first time I’m going to be looking at my options and maybe saying a final FUCK YOU to Apple. Perhaps it’s time to stop being such a mindless follower.

But I love my iPhone. I really really do.