I’m always on the lookout for really good bad movies. I guess I’m not so much interested in the obvious ones, like the schlocky ’50s monster movies. I’m much more interested in the ones with lofty intentions. I am mostly able to sit through anything. For me to walk out, the film has to not deliver in any way, shape or form. I never have finished Transformers, for instance. But Town & Country, with Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, Gary Shandling, etc. has earned every last bit of its bad press.

The film starts out decent enough – when it is just a marriage dramedy with Keaton looking fine and fab in her suits, and Goldie Hawn looking decent enough in her tight pants, and Beatty playing the guy women are all dying to have sex with (as if). But once Beatty and Shandling head for the country part of the film? That’s when it finally collapses. Andie Macdowell is particularly embarrassing as the daughter of Charlton Heston.

I stopped watching there so I have no idea what happens in the end. Jenna Elfman shows up dressed as Marilyn Monroe. That is all I remember. Terrible, terrible waste of great actors. Pretty outfits, houses and locales can only fill the heart with joy in fits and starts, the rest of it has to be the substance of the thing.

Some funny Youtuber fast-forwarded it:

Meanwhile, Ebert and Roeper review it. Ebert is WAY too kind. Roeper is ON THE MONEY. $85 million? Are you kidding? Who do these people think they are?