Not all celebrities can do everything well. Some celebrities can Twitter, for instance, and others can’t. Having an online tete-a-tete with anyone is usually either successful, or a total disaster. Some people can be more easily squished into the online world, while others need the vibration of real life around them to be totally understood and absorbed.

I really think some people come off better online than others. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. I prefer my own online persona, for instance, than my in-person one. I think I’m nice and all, and I’m sure people like me (really really like me) better in the flesh. But me, I like me better in the non-flesh. I like me better with words and words only at my disposal.

The celebrities I think that come off better on Twitter than one could ever imagine have managed to use the medium to raise their careers are step higher. Those would be Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher – the two most commonly associated with Twitter. They’re fine on Twitter. Demi Moore is more than fine. She’s cute and gracious and non-overbearing. Just a lot of nicey nice with exclams.

And for some reason it makes me like her where before I maybe didn’t think much about her at all. Well, let’s just say the irritating Demi is long, long gone – the Disclosure/Indecent Proposal/Striptease Demi. In her place is this pocket rocket activist cougar.

So that’s the good.

A few others I’ve been following I really like more now than before BECAUSE of their Twitter. And those would include Errol Morris, David Lynch, Diablo Cody, Ben Stiller, Jason Reitman.

The bad is that I was crushed to discover complete and total despair over Jim Carrey’s Twitter. Here all of this time I thought he was a nicey nice guy with vast intelligence. But I’ve discovered him to be self-centered, self-absorbed and not that witty online. I think he must be surrounded by a lot of yes-men, yes-women who make him think he’s all that. And then there’s the money.

One of the disappointing things about him is that he only follows one person. With so many brilliant people out there saying brilliant things and pointing out links, not to open yourself up to that part of Twitter is to miss the whole thing.

I need to follow more celebrities on Twitter so that I can judge them bitterly from afar. And here is the perfect site to do just that.