I have a new weird obsession. Tiny houses. Did you know there was a whole movement of tiny house enthusiasts? They are even more than just enthusiasts – they are devoted followers. Most of them are environmentalists who believe it’s possible to live in a tiny house that has just the things one person would need to live. The key with the tiny houses is that they are small enough that they don’t need a permit to build them and so one can build them anywhere. Theoretically.

The Tiny House Blog, though, doesn’t highlight tiny houses (but it does have those) – it also has just cute little houses in unexpected places. Thing is, I love the little places. I’ve never been a person who craves a big house. I look at big houses and they look lonely to me.

I would make an exception for a chateau or a manor house — those are so cool it doesn’t matter how big they are. Maybe it’s because I grew up in California where there are so many giant homes with no real history to them.

Here is what the Tiny House Blog put up today — so damned cute:

Here are some more tiny houses I love: