I noticed that a part of my tooth had chipped off a few weeks ago. It started as a kind of uncomfortable space between my molars but I thought, I’ll just go get a crown. Or else I thought, this is going to stop feeling annoying eventually. But I waited too long and now I have tooth pain. I have inflammation. I am now probably going to have to have a root canal. And then a crown. We’re talking something like $1600 when all is said and done. Talk about an unexpected expense.

I have been planning a trip to the Cannes Film Festival, you see. And so I really needed to pinch pennies. But of course, life is what happens to us while we’re busy making other plans. Thank you, John Lennon. I go in for an assessment with a root canal specialist on Monday. Until then, it’s anti-biotics.

I tell you this, though. If this were the olden times and no one really cared how many teeth you had – I swear – I’d grab a pair of pliers and some whiskey and I would yank it out myself. It hurts. And I think all of that money may or may not worth keeping this tooth.

I’ll probably have to shell out the dough. I’m annoyed. All’s I’m saying. The video above is courtesy if my friend Bill who likes to see me writhe in agony and fear. Marathon Man kind of cornered the market on dental pain as torture device.

Now, where did I put that bottle of Rye?