I really have to confess my adoration for Mormons. This is probably due to HBO’s Big Love, which is one of the best and weirdest shows on TV. It really makes, I think, a good case for multiple marriages. It really seems to make a lot of sense when you think about it. Everybody wins. Isn’t it kind of a weird concept, this one man one woman thing? Anyway, PBS recently aired The Mormons, an in-depth look at their wacky history. Religion remains a fascinating thing to me. Show me a religious zealot and I’ll show you a sexual pervert. It is so often the case. Male sexuality – human sexuality – cannot be denied. This is a fact.

So when our nature erupts our faith we can lie and deny or we can bend the rules. Joseph Smith decided to bend the rules. God told him to. And when God speaks…one is best advised to listen. I feel lucky that I am not thusly conflicted. Of course, I will never have that celestial heaven either. And I believe I go nowhere and that nothing happens when I die. That is just how empty the bottom of my soul really is.

The FLDS is really horrifying in all ways. It is not the happy polygamous family with Bill and his three wives on Big Love – it is uneducated, sad little girls being married off to icky old men. It’s just rife with corruption and abuse.

Anyway, if you find yourself fascinated, check it out.