Not soon after I woke up this morning, the so-called controversy rang through the Twittering class of loudmouths and shriekers. Of course they would hate the choice. After all, the Wingnut plan to discredit Obama was kind of working. Even The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live were on the attack. But along come the Swedes. And now what, more worldwide acclaim?

And then the crying and the whining:

BUT HE HASN’T DONE ANYTHING YET! It’s funny – someone says something and then it is repeated by people over and over until everyone thinks that’s what they’re supposed to say. No one stops to wonder whether it is true or not. So I started tracking Wikipedia for a few minutes, knowing the wingnuts would be out in full force. And they were. I quickly started editing and deleting – finally it looks kind of right. Controversy should not mean a while bunch of whiners crying because the ball went on the roof. It should be reserved for actual controversies, like when a mass murderer is nominated for the prize. Here are some of the pics. You can read the variations.