I think it’s really weird that the press is poring over details of the Stephanie Birkitt/Dave Letterman love affair. I have an idea that Letterman will divorce his wife Regina and marry Birkitt. What do you want to bet. See, here I go, joining the choir. This Letterman thing is far from over. Sure, he did put himself in a good light by coming clean on his show but it is just too juice for the press to ignore. It will not be let go by the wingnuts either. Finally they have something really big on Letterman to invalidate any objective commentary he might have given over the years to help the Democrats.

But Birkitt is in a stew. The only hope she has of making things okay in her life is to write a tell-all book. She is infamous now and perhaps un-hireable (is that a word?) as a result. Her best bet is to make Letterman marry her and they can travel the world together. He’s probably too old now to cheat on her. Merill Markoe famously said that she always thought she would be the only woman Dave ever cheated on.

The weird thing about these women? They all look alike – they all have that pointy nose, weak chin thing going on. They are also probably smart and funny – well we know Markoe is funny:


Anyway, I wish the Dave story never happened. I wish he hadn’t pretended to be with someone a long time because it made him look like a good guy. I wish the sweet, honorable midwestern Dave still existed.

On the other hand, perhaps we put way too much on our celebrities to be better than human, better than us. And maybe that isn’t fair, and maybe it is what drives people like Letterman and other politicians to have to lead double lives in the first place; why can’t we like them as they are?