While watching PBS’ pledge drive yesterday, I was given the opportunity to see some of Julia Child’s old cooking shows, The French Chef. Child was such an original. And weirdly enough, she looked a little like Meryl Streep when she was younger. They both had those high cheekbones and thin lips. I watched her make omelets and lobsters and stews.¬† At the end of the show, they had an interview with the older Julia who gave the following advice about being able to eat well and stay healthy: no snacking and no seconds.

I was also thinking that Julie & Julia would have been a much better story if there had been something wrong with Julie other than “I’ve done nothing with my life and I’m turning 30.” If she was dying of cancer and had one year to cook those recipes, or was trying to woo a man by cooking the recipes — something. I know, how horrible. But fiction is preferable to the truth most of the time.¬† Except when it comes to Julia Child.