We held one of our biggest fundraisers so far yesterday at a location near Emma’s school. We had a garage sale on one end and a cookies and lemonade stand on the other. I was dispatched to the lemonade stand with my friend Karen and several of our kids. It became a celebrity magnet. First, an actress none of us recognized gave the girls a hundred dollar bill, which made their day. Then Scarlett Johansson walked up to the booth with a friend. She asked them what they were raising money for (Washington, D.C. trip) and how much they had to raise ($15,000) and that it was “to see Barack Obama,” we all hope. And Scarlett and her friend gave some money and walked on.

They were so nice, so laid back – the only weird thing was that Scarlett had dyed her hair dark red, maybe so as not to be recognized. She was stunningly beautiful, more so than she looks on screen. She had skin the color and luster of milk and long legs. Very nice person.

By contrast, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale drove by and though Gwen waved she did not stop nor give any money to the fundraiser. She also visited our yard sale to ask about the preschool they have there — and the paparazzi popped out of cars and started snapping photos of them. Perhaps they were being chased, which maybe explains why they didn’t help out with the school fundraiser.

Then they drove back by our fundraiser and once again didn’t stop. I can only assume they didn’t want to have a million pictures of them in their new neighborhood – I don’t know.

All’s well that ends well as our fundraiser made our single highest total so far for any fundraiser, $4,000.