Man I love Bruce. It’s just been announced he’ll do a free show for Obama. Alls you gotta do to get tickets is sign up to volunteer for the campaign. This is righteous:

The Obama campaign has just announced that Bruce Springsteen will play a free, acoustic, set on the Parkway Saturday afternoon. The stated purpose is to assist voter registration and volunteer efforts, and, indeed, to get “preferred” tickets you¬†have to go to an Obama campaign office and sign up to volunteer. General admission is available via the web.

And did we say an acoustic set? So no E Street Band. Bummer.

For extra credit, tell us who will provide McCain with his musical theme?

Here’s excerpts from the Obama release:

“…Bruce Springsteen¬†an acoustic set at a rally on the Ben Franklin Parkway…

Free concert for Pennsylvanians will be huge opportunity to register voters and sign up volunteers; preferred tickets must be picked up at campaign offices.

The concert will take place on the Saturday before Pennsylvania’s voter registration deadline on Monday.

Benjamin Franklin Parkway between 20th and 22nd Streets.