I had one. You know those really vivid dreams that you’ll end up remembering forever? I once had a series of dreams that were so god-awful and terrifying, it sent me into therapy for five years. They were a series of serial killer dreams. I couldn’t shake them. But it’s been years since I had one (I think I had one during my last hideous relationship, though). Anyway, so in my dream I find the perfect apartment. It has everything I wuld ever want – a balcony, a yard for my cats , hard wood flooring, gorgeous tiled kitchen. And it isn’t just any old apartment – it’s unique and full of interesting things like lofts and stained glass windows. So I find out that it’s recently on the market and no one else is interested in it so far. But who should walk in? Princes William and Harry. They wanted to buy it. I mean, can you imagine? I would have no shot up against those two, who would? It was nice to meet them in my dreams – William was very smiley and Harry was, of course, smoking hot.