This WashPo story about Drudge is fairly illuminating; at least someone is really paying attention to why Drudge has so much influence. He has an uncanny ability to play into what his readers (silent majority) most fear. He’s the guy at the party with twenty people standing around him waiting to hear what observations he’s going to make next about the other guests at the party. He’s the only one who can do this. Part of that comes from his place in line – he got there before anyone else and his content never goes stale. That, and his rigid sameness. His headlines are the only things that change. The design is completely branded – many have tried and failed to copy it/him.

Yeah so it’s not looking good for Obama now that the attack dogs are hard at work. McCain seems easy to beat suddenly, though, especially after admitting he didn’t use a computer. Not ever? That is somewhat terrifying to me. Obama – a cool and evolved smart man on the one hand, well, the same ol’, same ol’ on the other. I’m going to seriously dig it if Obama wins, though. I don’t care if he slides to the middle or doesn’t cowtow to the bloggers — he’s fucking black! Or half-black. In our racist country, a half-black president? Awesome, dudes. Righteous.