Emma likes scary movies and funny movies. Movies we’ve watched recently include Breaking Away, the film about a rag tag group of townies (cutters) who take on the privilaged college kids in the bicycle race. This movie was my best friend Clara’s and my absolute favorite when we were tweens. Emma loved it but especially dug the bike race at the end. She’s a ten year-old; it isn’t really her kind of film. We watched Hairspray and then Wolf and then One Fine Day and Emma discovered who Michelle Pfeiffer was. But by far her favorite thing lately (other than the sublime Wall-E) is Get Smart. After we saw the deficient feature film I started showing Emma the TV series. She watches clips from it on YouTube and catches reruns on TV. We’ve been walking around quoting Don Adams. But here’s the weird thing, the guy is always smoking a cigarette on the show. It’s the strangest thing to see that on TV. Unless you’re Holly Hunter playing a slutty cop it’s rare to see ANY smoking anymore. Missed it by that much.

I love the gag reel: