There is an odd sort of disconnect in the Los Angeles educational industry, I should call it, where there are programs that are springing up everywhere that parents can fork out vast amounts of dough to send their kids. They aren’t cushy summer camps where the idea is to swim with dolphins or become a cheerleader for a week, or better yet, ride horses on a ranch somewhere, something my own daughter would love to do but for the cost. Now, there are all of these grand opportunities for “gifted” kids cropping up in Los Angeles that are simply too costly for most people to afford. Then again, are they? Perhaps they are only designed to educate the class of people who already have good education at their fingertips. There is, for instance, a young writers program offered out of UCLA and for a week or so it cost close to $500. Horse camp, Emma’s favorite thing ever, is $400 per week. The Sally Ride Science camp held out of Cal Tech is around $700 for one week, give or take. You can apply for financial aid but best case scenario you are going to get it for half off.

Why are there not these types of camps available for low income or struggling kids? Something has gone terribly, woefully wrong. I think, if I ever actually do become a teacher, I will make it my personal mission to help build enriching summer camps, not the YMCA type but really productive camps that look good on a child’s record, for all.

Sorry, that’s just my rant for the moment. More to come.