Why is it that Obama, the coolest guy to ever come down the pike, is now saddled with the fucking loonies who are going to ruin it for all of us? If Camille Paglia doesn’t shut her pie-hole, giving Matt Drudge constant fodder to drag down Obama (oh, did you think he was pro-Obama for a second? I did) I am going to lose my mind. But she isn’t the only one, not even close. Firedog Lake and Huffington Post (which I stopped reading during the primaries and haven’t gone back since) have become 24-hour Obama campaigning sites and it is all a bit much. I know they sincerely believe they are doing good but Paglia is so blind with love for Obama she probably has no idea what the hell is going on – she has lost complete perspective:

Hillary for veep? Are you mad? What party nominee worth his salt would chain himself to a traveling circus like the Bill and Hillary Show? If the sulky bearded lady wasn’t biting the new president‚Äôs leg, the oafish carnival barker would be sending in the clowns to lure all the young ladies into back-of-the-tent sword-swallowing. It would be a seamy orgy of scheming and screwing. Hillary could never be content with second place. But neither could an alpha male like Obama. The vice-president should be an accomplished but subordinate personality. An Obama-Hillary ticket might tickle party regulars, but it would be a big fat minus in the general election. Republicans have shrewdly stockpiled a mammoth arsenal of past scandals to strafe Hillary with. Only a sentimental masochist would want to relive the tawdry 1990s.

Girlfriend, your crush is showing. Not only is it showing, it’s glaring. It’s shouting and waving its arms I LOVE BARACK OBAMA! This is the part of supporting Obama that becomes irritating and why, probably, one of the reasons at least, that John McCain will probably win in November.

I love Obama too. If I let myself I could have a serious crush on the guy but I am not going to let myself. I have decided that I can’t afford to have my heart broken yet again and so I’m standing at a distance with cautious optimism, hoping that Obama can pull it out despite the irritating loudmouths who speak and scream and insult and blather on his behalf.