Okay, so I wasn’t much for the Kelly Clarkson of the American Idol birthing machine – McSingers with their McSongs were not so McDreamy to me. But Kelly stepped outside the box after some rat bastard broke her heart to write and produce her own personal album. Because it had no ready-made hits she was offered a buy-out, or some kind of deal whereby she would sing the songs the hitmakers wrote for her in order to maintain her success. She said she’d rather do this. And she’s paid the price for artistic expression. Her concert sales suffered as a result. We are lemmings, hear us roar. So she cancelled her concert tours, or so I read. Now she’s trying to make her new album sell when it is released on June 26. I will be first in line to buy it because I believe in what she’s doing. She gives up perhaps what Gwen Stefani has or Jessica Simpson or the rest of the pop stars who give the lemmings what they want but she gains respect from those of us out there who still believe in singer/songwriters so few and far between these days. More power to you Kelly. Rock on.

Her appearance on The Tonight Show is here.