Well, my domain name registration, sashastone.com, expired. Thus, the hosts helpfully parked it whilst I got my proverbial shit together. And now, at last, we’re back in business. This morning I took the iPhone tour. I am at a spiritual crossroads of what I need versus what I want. If I take the little bit of extra money I can squeeze out for an iPhone (which I really really really really really REALLY want) I can’t really send my daughter to one week of horse camp, which she would really really really REALLY love. In the end, it’s no contest. The kid wins out. But because the marketing machine over at Apple has so embedded my psyche, I’m currently figuring out how I can earn enough from a freelance job and/or cleaning someone’s toilet to buy the iPhone. I feel like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka, “I want it and I want it NOW!”

Truth be told I can wait on the Iphone and SHOULD wait. I bought the first generation Macbook Pro because I couldn’t wait and though I love my machine I should have waited until they worked out a few specific kinks. The iPhone will no doubt have things about it that annoy customers that will be fixed with the second and third generations. I have my ATT contract on hold until such time as I decide to upgrade with their revolutionary device. Such is life as a single mother: you have to cover all bases and not act selfishly. So horse camp it is.