I don’t think the religion is as bad as people think it is yet the church does nothing, and I mean nothing, to help change the perception about it. It is that so much of it is a mystery to the general public and any time anyone tries to expose it, well, you see what happens. The BBC Panorama episode, available for viewing on Film Threat, shows the difference between being attached to a major media outlet and being a publicist, or spokesperson, for a church. Journalists, good ones anyway, won’t fall for spin. If you try to spin them, they’ll spin it right back on you. This piece is a bit disturbing, even if there are two sides to every story. They ought to bring out in the open what it is their church is about – so people know, so they don’t have to guess.

I think human beings do need religion because life is so utterly unbearable half the time. Why not have faith in a higher power if it eases the pain. But there is isn’t very far to go from attending church to giving over your life to it, to ultimately ending your life for it. Much good has been done in the name of religion, but lord knows the devil has dipped his hand in too.

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