So, my 8 year-old, who loves horses, got to spend Spring break at horse camp. She loves nothing more than this camp, which I consider to be a bit over-priced for what it is, but I can imagine what it’s like for her: all horses, all the time. Paddock boots, riding pants, crops, gloves, the whole nine yards. She is a driven little thing, managing to be alternatively sweet and demanding at the same time. But unfortunately, she got a hard lesson in mean girl bitchiness. What is it about us girls that makes us act like hideous bitches? The girl was the daughter of two semi-famous TV stars and it was clear that this poor girl was the product of having been raised by nannies and assistants. Otherwise, why bother being so mean? Emma said, “everybody liked her – that’s what made it all worse.”

Myself, I had to practice deep breathing not to walk up to that pint sized creep and give her a piece of my mind. I told Emma she is on my list.