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A Turn for the Worse

Photo: Yahoo News

The fire has done a 180 and is now roaring towards the homes in the Los Feliz hills. It shows no sign of slowing down. Where can go once it starts ripping through those homes? It will hit the street, then Los Feliz. This is something that has never happened since I’ve lived in LA, which is basically most of my adult life. The Los Angeles Zoo is nearby and no one knows what they’ll do with the animals if the fire turns back towards it. Right now, it’s burning away from them.

It is right behind the Griffith Park Observatory, one of the most beloved landmarks here.

Apocalypse Now

Photo: Yahoo News

For the second time in a few months, a fire broke out in Los Angeles that looked like someone had dropped a bomb in them thar hills. Being stuck in traffic and seeing those billowing clouds rolling up in bundles and covering the sky. Even though in both cases it was some dumb fuck with a book of matches, it was chilling nonetheless on the drive home. But, looks like another perfect day, I love LA.

I have a Stalker

My stalker has been following me around the internet for a couple of years now, if you can imagine. I believe him to be one of two people. Myspace, Flickr, and of course Oscarwatch can all be counted upon to produce the occasional nasty comment. How do I know it’s always the same person? The IP address, of course. It never changes. The comments are directly attacking whatever it is I’m doing (yet the stalker continues to return). He makes himself anonymous (of course) and will probably never reveal his identity but I’m pretty sure I know who it is. I just have to prove it. Anyway, a sad and pointless truth but a truth nonetheless. Welcome to the wonderful world of “everyone is famous for longer than fifteen minutes.”

My Suit with AMPAS

Although I’m not really allowed to talk about the case, I can talk a bit about Oscarwatch, why I started it, what it’s become and where it might be going. Initially, AMPAS wanted to go through ICANN, which handles rights to domain names on the internet. But apparently something made them change their minds and go directly to full blown $100,000 lawsuit.
They have called my self-defense “offensive” and believe they have legitmate rights to any domain name called their trademarked “Oscar.” Where we go from here is not really going to be talked about publicly. But let’s talk about the past.

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The Naked Ape

We have so much in common with our cousins, the chimps. Think about this. Have you ever had someone groom you as a chimp might groom another chimp? It feels really good and is quite soothing yet because we are mostly ignorant to our nature no one has ever really unearthed the whole grooming for comfort thing. But they have gotten to the gestures thing:

As they reveal today in the U.S. journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) the pair found that the use of gestures is highly flexible, complex, and difficult to link to specific contexts. The use of gestures even varied widely between different groups of chimps and bonobos.

“The way they use gestures is extremely variable, especially compared with other forms of communication,” said de Waal. “This makes gesture a possible candidate for symbolic communication in our shared ancestor.”

Pretty cool story

Meanwhile, here is my favorite gesture:


Translated into human language as:

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