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I spend way too much thinking about me. This is the blank space where that paragraph should be.

David, Call Me

I love the advances of modern technology. David, I have no caller ID and I cannot find your number. I am thinking of looking in your neighborhood for apartments. I’ll be in and out all day but hopefully I can catch you. I have to memorize your number after all of this time. I know that makes me a bad friend or a spaced out loser but hey, pobody’s nerfect. 🙂

p.s. thanks again for the freebie CPK. And Emma loves her cup.

And while we’re on it, hey Keith – long time no hear. Thanks for being the one person who ever comments on this site when you have a mind to. Hope all is well out there with Robin. I do think of you often and apologize for being such a flake of a niece. On the bright side, I need to interview you at some point about the early days for a book I’m pretending I will write but that I will probably never write.

Dear Clara,

You’re such a good friend and I don’t know if you even read this but if you do, hang in there pal. Love ya.

Dear Emma,

Sorry to be so surly lately and such a bummer mom. I try, you know, but as my crazy mom always says, trying isn’t good enough.¬† I’ve learned that things can always get worse even when they’re getting better because the better part is often an illusion to lull you into thinking that life is easier than it actually is. On the other hand, never underestimate the power of a really good illusion – isn’t that what a positive attitude is all about? So you just asked me what the “C-word” is. Someday you’ll already know what it is but I’m not going to be the one to tell you – just like when your friend told you she saw “mommy drinking daddy’s pee.” You know, someday it will all be clarified and hilarity will ensue.

I Should Have Real Problems

Yes, it sucks sometimes being a single mom. It sucks for a variety of reasons. Financially, romantically, comforts-of-home. Putting up tents, you get the drill. Right now I am in a continued battle with a business associate from whom I’ve had to practically beg every month to get money I was owed. I owe a lawyer money for doing work on a case he fobbed off to an assistant who then did nothing but pad the bill and in the end all they did was side with the person (corporation) suing me. And yet…My kid has strep throat and I’m not¬† The Pioneer Woman (though she’s living my dream life). Its just a tough gig all the way around. On the other hand, I should have real problems. I’m relatively lucky, I know this. My best friend has a father with Alzheimer’s and a son with Autism at the same time. Think of Iraqi children. Or even the Hurricane Katrina kids. Or the hundreds of thousands of orphaned children in our city alone. I have all of my limbs, I am not blind nor deaf. My kid is healthy. It’s like Nora Ephron says, at this point I’m glad just to be here at all.

So let’s think of what makes us happy and go from there. Well, you know, besides Wall-E.


And this.

And this.


And this.


And this.

Keep Your Geek Cred After Seeing Wall-E

I can’t post any more Wall-E articles on my other site so I have to post them here. The folks at Wired have some suggestions for geeks looking to keep up their image after seeing Wall-E:

To fail to nitpick after seeing a movie is to lose a certain measure of geek cred, particularly if you saw the movie with other geeks. To prevent this catastrophe from befalling our readers who see WALL-E (which by the way is the best movie I’ve seen this year and you should all go out and see it right now), we hereby provide a list of things you can nitpick about after seeing it. Send it to your iPhone/Blackberry, or‚Äîif you must‚Äîprint it out for your hipster PDA and take it with you so you can sit back and enjoy the film without having to find the little things you can find fault with later. This list does not contain any spoilers for anyone who has seen a trailer for or read any review of the movie.

  • Robots falling in love? Please.
  • Sound doesn’t travel in space. Everyone knows that. The space scenes would be kinda dull without the sound? Doesn’t matter.
  • EVE stands for “Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator,” right? So how come she’s looking for plants on Earth? It should be “terrestrial,” not “extraterrestrial!”
  • Could the 2001: A Space Odyssey references have been any more obvious?
  • The Axiom has been jettisoning its trash into space for 700 years? Where does it get the raw material to fix the machines, feed the people, keep the engines going, etc.? I know the movie’s trying to make a point about excess, but a ship like that just couldn’t keep going that long without recycling!
  • The waving? Seriously. It’s cute and all, but it got a little out of hand. Pun intended.
  • Why does EVE have to have a “female” personality? Just because WALL-E has a “male” one? It’s OK for robots to fall in love, but homosexual robots are just unacceptable, obviously!
  • If WALL-E and EVE reproduced, would their offspring go off to other planets, find plants, and then crush them into blocks?

Wall-E’s Lovely Score


So, one of the most spectacular things about the sublime Wall-E is the score. This one, the Eve score is so pretty. What a wonderful, wonderful movie.

Shoot Me Now

I am glad there are heroes out there helping our four-legged friends but every time I see this commercial I want to swallow some sleeping pills. Meanwhile, if you want to help, go to