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The Daily Show is Doing the DNC’s Work

It’s time that someone on the Obama campaign started thinking like a comedy writer, specifically, a Daily Show writer. This mirror image of the similar speeches of John McCain and George Bush is brilliant (comes near the end of the clip). It’s time for the Democrats to go on the attack in a big way:

WAAAA Oprah Won’t Host Book Banner

All of the annoying conservative women are whining that Oprah won’t have Sarah Palin on her show. Um, duh? What does Oprah promote more than even charity? BOOKS! What did Sarah Palin threaten to do? Intimidate the local librarian to toss out some unacceptable boos. Yeah, that’s the kind of leadership we’re looking for. So now they’re whining, and getting their Sarah Palin stalker Matt Drudge (man, does he have a crush or what? It’s like he’s never seen a female candidate before that doesn’t look like a man):

“She’s being two-faced,” said Dr. Cindy Grossman-Green, a pediatrician and Oprah fan from outside Philadelphia. “She initially had Obama on her show, but now that she’s decided [to support him] she won’t have any other political candidates on.”

Grossman-Green is referring to the two times Obama appeared on Winfrey’s show prior to announce his plans to run for the presidency, once in January 2005 and more recently in October 2006.

Some Winfrey fans say that the fact Obama appeared on the show at all ‚Äì regardless of the timing and his political aspirations during his visit ‚Äì are irrelevant and that Winfrey’s decision to blacklist Palin from her show could very well backfire.

“I don’t think most people even care about the timing [of when Obama went on the show],” said Grossman-Green. “They just know Winfrey is pro-Obama and that she had him on.”

WAAAAAA. Give me a break. Winfrey very kindly offered to have Sarah Palin on her show once the campaign ends. Deal with it. Does anyone actually think she would help the other team? She’s only come out politically once in her entire career. That means there is no way in hell she’s going to do anything to hurt Obama’s run and so the whiners on the right with their Drudge mouthpiece are kicking up a fuss.¬† And anyway, do they really want Sarah Palin on Oprah when of course Oprah would have to ask her why her platform is abstinence and her daughter got knocked up anyway (Oh My God – the hypocrisy). Oprah might ask her about the books she wanted tossed out or the trooper she tried to have fired because he was locked in a custody battle with Palin’s sister. Would Palin really want to answer any of these questions?

Karl Rove SO Busted

SO SO busted. God bless the Daily Show. If there is a God. Which there isn’t. Just kidding. Not really. Sort of. Not ready to fully commit.

Karl Rove, I’m Onto You

This latest spin item involving Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter so smacks of Rove intervention it’s frightening. Start with the original tale, where Daily Kos got played into helping nurse along a story about Palin’s supposed faked pregnancy to cover for her daughter and just when the news started hitting the mainstream, Palin revealed that her 17 year-old is pregnant to rebuff rumors. Nicely done, Rove. Nicely done. Throw them off their trail by getting them to believe a much worse story so that when the scandal does break not only won’t it seem half as bad but one immediately feels like a shitheal for bagging on Palin. So the teen daughter is knocked up and going to have herself a shotgun wedding, a la Jamie Lynn Spears.¬† Oh well. Conservatives win this round.

Wham, Bam, No Thank You, Ma’am

No thank you, Ms. Palin, but you are no real woman to me. Yeah it’s cool you can shoot a gun and wear high heels and you probably brag about how you can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan but you are against everything I believe in. I’m not opposed to our right to bear arms, however, not after studying US history this past year. I am opposed to dumb shits, though, excuse my French.¬† Creationism in schools and your opposition to stem cell research is what most disgusts me. Democrats, we have a fight on our hands. Drudge is in full blown activist mode and is doing his best to win it for his lame-ass party. Ugh, America is about to be flushed down the toilet. Are conservatives really THAT stupid to think this woman could run the country when/if McCain becomes incapacitated? Hillary Clinton COULD run the country. This broad?

Uh…not on my watch. I’ll move to Canada. Let’s start a revolution.

Can and Did

Don’t let anyone try to fool you; Obama’s speech was the stuff of legends. Obama and Biden, or as my nephew says, Obama Bin Biden (lol) are a formidable, unstoppable pair. There is no contest. On the other hand, now that McCain has chosen whatshername it will mean that Biden won’t, by his very nature, lay into her the way he would a male opponent. Obama can wipe up the floor with McCain, however. Piece of cake.