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Hawk at My Window

I have hummingbirds getting very competitive and territorial about this feeder I keep there. I am, as we speak, making the balcony area into an urban herb garden so please do not be taken aback by the poor, dead jasmine plant. It will look much better in the coming weeks. I will admit I’m not the best with interior design. I’m just not one of those people. Thus, the “old” TV, the spotty carpet, the ragged balcony area. Anyway, I humiliate myself on multiple levels to bring you this lovely natural event. Suddenly a big old hawk appeared on the hummingbird perch area. I don’t know if he (she?) was there because of the little birds or there because he/she had seen my little wild kitten staring through the window at the birds. Either way, I moved to get my camera. I didn’t manage to get to my Nikon, because that would have entailed putting a battery in and by then, surely the hawk would have flown away. I got my little camera, the Panasonic Lumix, and snapped a quick photo of the hawk. Then, after it flew to a nearby wire, I got a better shot. Big, beautiful, scary things they are.

Watching Movies with Emma: The Breakfast Club

When the Breakfast Club first came out, I was a teenager myself. I was just a year or two out of high school. I don’t even remember where I was or what I was doing. I probably was commuting to Santa Barbara, attending the city college up there, and had some involvement with a theater group. I remember this because I was given an assistant director position and quickly began dating the lead actor. The play had something to do with Henry David Thoreau. This is neither here nor there except that I vividly remember no being pretty enough to be cast as either of the two lead. One of the actresses who was pretty enough, told me she’d been trained at the Los Angeles Theater Academy. Not too long after my relationship with that actor ended (how could it go? I was 19, he was 31), I fled to Los Angeles to attend the Theater Academy. Much fun, that. But that is a story for another day.

I remember The Breakfast Club not being a very cool film to like. If you hung out with my crowd, John Hughes was lame and the Brat Pack were a group of entitled, talentless hacks. The worst of the bunch, to us, was Ally Sheedy. For some reason, she was the object of our scorn. We didn’t like the character she played in the film, none of it rang true at all. The only slight uptick from the film for us was Judd Nelson, the object of our young girl fantasies.

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Universal Studios Thirty Years Later

I grew up in California. I was a movie kid. That means, at some point during my young life I checked out of the normal world and folded into the cinematic one. Part of this was due to our moving around a lot — between fourth and sixth grade we moved to five different towns, five different schools, and five different ways of life.

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Watching Movies with Emma: The Bad News Bears

When did the message stop being, “it’s not whether you win or lose it’s how you play the game” and turn into “everybody’s a winner”? I’ll tell you when. When money started being the primary reason for making kids films at all. They have become so narrowly focused grouped, so formulaic that a hard lesson, like the one learned in the Bad News Bears, would be deemed a “bummer ending” today. And it would probably never get made (even if it did get made into a respectable remake with the Billy Bob).

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Wake-Up Moms and Dads – Know what Your Tween is Doing Online

I don’t even know what to say about this poor mom. But I suggest she get herself a computer and learn how to use google and Youtube.

You have, no doubt, heard about the latest YouTube sensation of poor little kerligirl, aka Jessi Slaughter aka Jessica Leonhardt. The last one is her real name. Her videos are completely sad and bizarre. But it goes along with what I’ve been wanting to impart onto parents for, like, ever.

A little bit of history: I’ve been online for almost fifteen years, I’m embarrassed to say. I found this world after a kind of painful breakup and I never came out of it. I live a regular life, too. But in the first few years, I didn’t. I was completely submerged in the online community, the global world of cybergeeks, as they were known then. This is even before there was a World Wide Web. If there is one thing I know it’s internet culture. And I can tell you, without question, that the best and the worst of human nature is exhibited here. As great and supportive as people can be, as kind and flattering as they often are, there are mean people out there. There are REALLY REALLY mean people whose shadow lives are lived out online. Because they can’t call their boss a “fat bitch” out loud they use that hate and put it all online.

There are some people to genuinely fear.

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It’s All for Ratings, Folks

One must always remember that the producers on the Bachelorette like high ratings and they don’t much care about anything else. Since couples do not really “work” after the cameras stop rolling, all they have to hold on to are the failed relationships and those, it turns out, draw higher ratings than the successful ones (because there is still only one of those).

Reality Steve is the guy who has this whole thing nailed down, so if you aren’t reading his site regarding The Bachelorette and The Bachelor fakitude, you should start now.

If I wanted to bypass the whole idea that the producers allowed this whole Frank mess to go forward without having known about it in advance of Tahiti, well then I could lay the whole thing on Frank, which I have no problem doing. Of all of the guys, he always seemed the most fake. He’s a screenwriter, for god’s sake. I’m sure he thought it was a smart idea to make a lot of money (he lives with his parents and so he needs the money – perhaps that is why his girlfriend in Chicago dumped him anyway — now that he’s got money, she’s interested again) by going on the show. But then he liked being on the show – all he had to do was fake-profess his love and travel to pretty locales, eat great food, and be on a TV show!

RealitySteve’s spoiler says that Ali ends up with neither guy, and that is the way it’s shaping up at this point. Chris and Roberto are both standup dudes – both probably want to be actors.

The only problem about this whole thing is that we watch it at all. Even morbid curiosity is no excuse!