Waaa. He Said Lipstick and Pig in a Sentence, Waaa.

The republicans are whiny little bitches aren’t they? And they have the biggest Big Oil bitch of them all in Drudge. Can you believe that Barack Obama has been trying to run a decent, honorable campaign and those morons on the right, appealing to the most reactionary, lowest common denominator, actually came up with this? Why doesn’t anyone call them on their crap? Instead they issue denials. This is how Clinton smacked them down: he laughed at them. Laugh at them. They deserve it.


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  1. At least Obama did speak out about this ridiculous bullshit during his talk today in Virginia. I can’t believe that people are such idiots to actually fall for this stuff. no, I take that back. I can. That’s how we got into this last 8 years of hell.

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